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Do you need written content for a brochure or a blog? Does your landing page or about section need updating? Writing objectively about yourself and your business can be difficult. Hiring a professional may take a load off.


Understanding Your Business and Story

Before writers write  we listen. We ask questions. We build an understanding of what defines your company, what is happening in its marketplace, who your target audience is and what your intentions are. Then we go away and think; this distillation process results in the birth of a story-your story. The story that establishes an emotional bond between your business and your customers. A good story’s job is to intrigue its target audience, hold their attention and build trust in the brand it represents.


Focus on the Message

Error-free writing allows your marketing to speak directly to your customers. Writers understand all manner of structure: how best to organize content, create idea and sentence flow while keeping the language fresh and easy to understand. Good writing doesn’t flaunt itself; it keeps the focus on the message.


Brand Story

At Hyatt Wordcraft, I work with you to add value to your brand story, creating compelling copy that allows your voice and intentions to stand out.

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Hyatt Wordcraft

Content Writing
Content Editing


Engaging writings draws the reader in. However, knowing what to embellish and what to edit can be daunting. I've been distilling communications into clear copy since 2012.

Whether creating content or editing yours, collaborating or working independently, I'm passionate about the power of captivating storytelling. Your business is your story. Storytelling is intriguing both to your current clientele and prospective customers. Search Engine Optimization is a balance; key words help people find your website and compelling writing makes them stay.

Prior to Hyatt Wordcraft, I developed an intuitive touch with people while active travel guiding for Backroads. This background coupled with a BA in English, editing courses and ongoing education fuels my work.

When not at my desk, curled up with a book or in my art studio, I can be found at large in the Kootenays. Nelson BC, is home where I live with my husband and our two dogs.

Rafael and Kimberley Hyatt 



There are no shortages of words or ideas when working with Kimberley Hyatt. Kimberley helped  Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism and its partners capture the stories that draw people to the region year round. I would recommend Kimberley as a writer anytime. Her passion for writing and attention to detail is appreciated by both the client and the reader.
Dianna Ducs, Executive Director, Nelson Kootenay Lake 



Our agency worked closely with Kimberley over the course of two years and we're extremely appreciative of her hard work and dedication over the duration of the project. Not only is Kimberley pleasant to deal with, but her work is thorough and timely. She is dependable, and incredibly hardworking. She is an exceptional writer and her knowledge and expertise surrounding search engine optimization (SEO) was an essential contribution.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kimberley and it is my pleasure to recommend her, as she is truly a valuable asset to any team.

Sally Robertson,

Owner of Carmichael Consulting


Working with Kimberley on text for a new direction in marketing broke open my understanding of what I was actually doing. My reticence to communicate with words was overcome by the suggestions Kimberley made. Her grammar corrections provided that last push to getting the message across clearly and creatively.

Liz Cohoe,

Owner and Designer of Lillie and Cohoe


Kimberley helped me create a clear, professional appearance for my brand, LYDA Collective’s website and webstore. Her advanced editing skills helped hone LYDA’s “About” section to be more direct to the core market, while still maintaining a fun, creative, playful feeling. Kimberley also provided critical feedback on LYDA’s website photography, which ended up being revised to include more professional photos. I would highly recommend Kimberley to other outdoor brand’s seeking to gain clarity about their marketing platforms!

Jena Renwick, Owner & Creator of LYDA Collective





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